As an established company NoFeeAgency have a team of highly qualified experts in the property management field, our agency is capable to provide, organise and maintain a hassle-free service when it comes to all aspects of the lettings business.

Landlords who work with the NoFeeAgency have certainty, unlike others, our long term agreements ensure no void periods. We keep the who lettings process simple, hands off and hassle free.

Our agency is here to find you corporate tenants in the shortest time frame, and that can seriously increase your income. We have a large network of professional clients, so you can achieve the best results by renting your property though us.

When you sign a contract with us, the agency becomes your occupant, so we basically re-rent your property. It means you will receive your rent as the contract states, no matter if there are occupants in your property or not. So your income is guaranteed in either case.

The agency will, of course, bring in the residents in the shortest time frame because everything else would be a loss of money for our firm.

What? Free Lettings?

Our no-fee policy can help you to make significant savings while renting your property compared to other high street agencies, as we really do not charge landlords any money for the lettings service.

Our agency, however, has its costs, and it has to earn an income. We do have fees, in fact, but we charge the occupants who live in HMO properties under our control and management. That's the source of income for our firm and employees.

We also have business clients and contractors who visit regularly and stay in our smaller well located flats and houses.

As the agency is your client, we will pay the rent directly to your bank account every month on the agreed day.


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  • Norwich Townhouse HMO city centre
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NoFeeAgency really takes care of your property, so we like to provide an insurance policy that can cover all the potential costs caused by different types of damages and related problems.

Your property stays protected in our hands from the first to the last day, so you do not have to worry about anything.

Guaranteed Income

You will always get guaranteed rent during the agency's occupancy, regardless whether the property is fully let or not.

Paying the rent is our responsibility, and it does not depend on the occupants. They pay the agency later and the payment includes the modes fees the agency lives from.

We typically pay all rents on a monthly basis.

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Professional Occupants

We find our occupants in various ways. The agency has already built a big network of people who already live or will live in an HMO property in the near future.

Many of them are potential clients for properties under our management. Whether it’s local businesses, our agency's website, social media pages, or other online sources we find quality prospects for the properties.

We carefully select the residents in order to enable a comfortable and friendly atmosphere within any of the properties under our control.

Our agency pays attention to keep the number of residents in the same property at an appropriate level. We do not allow overcrowding because it can cause various problems. The limits are set, and the maximal number cannot be overreached. Our agency is not just chasing the profit, we really take care of landlords, residents and the objects.

Occupants pay a small fee on a monthly basis, and we properly take care of everything else. So they can enjoy it without any worries.


We manage and maintain all the objects under our control on a daily basis. To complete the task in a professional manner, we hire housekeepers, gardeners, and all other types of stuff to keep our objects in a perfect condition. The agency also inspects all the properties on a monthly basis. That's how we ensure that everything is under control. The HMO property works like a hotel in this case and that manner provides a lot of satisfaction to the residents and landlords. When all functions smoothly, everyone is satisfied.

Our staff will typically detect any potential problems at an early stage, and that reduces costs when it comes to repairs. The agency is there to keep the property in best condition all the time.

Our agency organises a full-time maintenance team, and they will handle any regular type of potential reparation.

We are also responsible to notify all the residents about the reparation and temporary issues it might cause.

The agency also organizes and handles the logistic parts of the work.

The owners, however, stay financially responsible for all the types of work which fall under the category of their responsibilities.

The agency, on the other hand, is responsible for occupant related issues. For example, many of the residents locked up themselves and lost a key, they will contact the agency, and the company is obligated to resolve the problem in the quickest time frame.

That's a great advantage of using the NoFeeAgency service. We take care of many important details, so you can focus on other important things in your life. That still does not leave you without profit because you receive your monthly rent on a regular basis.


The regular inspections are typically organized every six months. The professional reports are created during the visits as well, and the owners get a copy of the reports. That's how you can follow the situation in your object without even visiting them.

Our staff, however, organise inspections when there is a need for the same. It often goes on a monthly basis, and the inspections ensure that everything functions well in your property.

You also have a right access your property when you like, so the agency can arrange the inspection for you whenever you find it suitable. That's a good way to make sure everything is fine in your properties.

No Fee Letting Agent

If you want the help of our zero fee letting agent, please get in touch with our office. We provide a free service of tremendous value, so you should not miss this excellent chance to become a client of our company.

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