Guaranteed Rent

Want Guaranteed Rent for the Next Five Years?

If your answer is yes, NoFeeAgency can help you achieve that goal without stress and problems.

  • Guaranteed rent for 2 to 5 years.
  • We take care of everything
  • Hassle-free & hands off lettings
  • No more tenants to deal with
  • No more costs to cover
Free up your time, focus on other aspects of life and relax when the NoFeeAgency look after your property.

What's an HMO?

A house in Multiple Occasion is property shared by three or more occupants who are not related. Some properties are subject to licensing by the local council.

No matter if they need a license or not, all HMOs are obligated to follow the standards required by the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS).

That's the way to enable and inspect the requirements. The license is typically valid for up to three years, and it has to be renewed after that period.

Free up your time, focus on other aspects of life and relax when the NoFeeAgency look after your property.

What properties do NoFeeAgency manage?

  • Houses
  • Flats
  • Shared Houses & HMOs
  • Short term accommodation

Why & What to think about with HMOs

If you're thinking of renting your houses out as a HMO, get in touch with the NoFeeAgency team. We're more than happy to help and can even get licences, fire risk assessments and required documents in place.

Depending on the size and location of the property, occasionally planning permission is required. At NoFeeAgency we've a great team of professionals who can help, whether it's a planning consultant or building regulations you need help with.

As per any house, a HMO property should be maintained in a proper and required order:

  • The occupants have to reside in a safe environment where the health standards are met too.
  • The properties have to meet at least the minimal standards, and the owners are responsible for the management of the objects in particular areas listed below.
  • The buildings are in good and safe conditions.
  • The occupancy is maintained at an appropriate level.
  • Your business is registered at the office of the local authorities, and you have provided the necessary personal details of the occupants.
  • A responsible professional is hired to take care of the management, and personal details of this individual are properly displayed on premises.
  • Fire entrances, passageways, and stairways are always kept clean and free from any obstructions.
  • Fire alarms and protection equipment are tested and maintained properly.
  • The occupants of HMO properties are obligated to cooperate with the owners and employees in order to ensure all the requirements and standards are met.

It may include accessing the rooms at an appropriate time if the situation requires such the activity.

The occupants have to pay their rent on time, they should not cause any types of damages o the properties, and they are not allowed to disturb other residents of the property. Those who do not compile to the requirements might be subjected to different penalties and might end up removed from the objects.

What's required for a HMO & how can NoFeeAgency help?

Depending on the size, type and number of floors in your house it may need a HMO licence to be used as a house share

Typically the occupant's Council Tax has to be collected by the landlords, in most cases at NoFeeAgency we include all bills to keep hassle to a minimum. In the case of converted houses, the landlords have to be aware of planning, environment, health, fire, and building regulations.

Disturbance complaints pointed out by the neighbours will probably increase rubbish and noise. The owners can be partly responsible for this if they do not take care of the situation.

The owner and house managers are expected by the law to hold the situation under control constantly. The occupants are not allowed to just come and go, they have to provide proper documentation before entering or leaving the HMO object. The landlords will later make a simple collection, thanks to this type of data.

You are free to contact your local authorities or the NoFeeAgency for all the specific standards and requirements regarding this matter.