Norwich’s No Fee Letting Agents

Zero Lettings Fees,
No Hidden Costs

We at NoFeeAgency are not your typical letting agent. We are a recognised at no admin fee letting firm. We provide a professional and reliable service to our clients, and they can enjoy the different benefits our agency offers. Private landlords can get guaranteed rent and a hassle-free business if they choose NoFeeAgency. The entire service is completely free for them, so they can make significant savings while co-operating with our company.


No Hidden Costs

NoFeeAgency does not charge private landlords for any type of service. We can handle the entire procedure totally free of charge.

Full property management is included, alongside maintenance up to a cost of £100 per month. Cleaners visit all of our properties regularly.


Norwich's No Fee Letting Agents

Based in Norwich NoFeeAgency we work with private landlords who'd like a hassle free hands off approach to property

The company also work with independent agents for the same reason; we want to provide a unique experience for our residents in and around the city.


NoFeeAgency’s Mission

Our mission is to provide the best possible service to our residents and owners, all on a long 3-5 year basis.

We take care of all the important details while maintaining your property. Our agency also takes care of all the legal requirements, from management agreements to providing appropriate notices – making it hands off and hassle free for the landlords we look after.