Shared Houses

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Thinking of renting your house out? Fed up with all the costs? See whether NoFeeAgency can help.

At NoFeeAgency we take the hassle out of tenants and lettings, by becoming the tenant we guarantee your rent and treat the property as if it were one of our own.

With the ever changing lettings landscape changing many of our landlords do not realise all the compliance required to rent to and look after tenants. Typical lettings and estate agents have simply increased their fees and costs to compensate, though at NoFeeAgency we are bucking the trend.

Our team on knowledgeable lettings partners are highly skilled and professional, ensuring all properties have the required licensing, documents and certificates.


How does NoFeeAgency using my property?

Typically NoFeeAgency take properties on long term agreements, helping landlords maximise their returns and minimising voids. We either become your tenant or property partner, then placing our own vetted residents in the properties.

These houses are then used as House Shares (HMOs), for contractors and supported living (depending on property and landlord agreement).


High Standards

HMO licensing requires properties to meet particular standards in order to meet with the rules established by national or local authorities. If a property cannot meet the standards, it would not get a license. So the condition of the building is very important when it comes to determination. Also, it is important to mention, the regulations and standards vary depending on the properties location and local HMO officers.

NoFeeAgency, however, can provide you a detailed guide with all the standards and requirements based on different aspects of your particular property - or complete the works for you. We work with a select few professionals to ensure properties are complaint, up to standard and make lovely homes.