Stop Paying Lettings Fees

Stop Paying High Letting Fees.
Pay Zero with NoFeeAgency.


Guaranteed Income


Zero Admin Fees


Hands off Hassle Free Lettings


Zero Agency Fees

No letting fees at all

The totally free procedure helps you to maximize your profit by using the service of our agency. No hidden costs. No admin fees. A time effective process.

The agency provides a variety of services, so you can complete the entire procedure with us from the beginning to the end. Customised contracts.

Unlimited property access for landlords. Expert management service. Rent in advance. And many other useful options. Our highly qualified expert team of professionals is available to all the agency's clients. The company also cooperates with other firms and institutions to provide only the best types of service. It includes the country's leading experts in the field, completely qualified application and planning experts, professional insurance policies, and other great opportunities.

How do we compare?

Comparison DataHigh Street Lettings AgencyNo Fee Agency
Agreed Rent PCM£1000£800
Agreed Rent PCM£12,000.00£9,600.00
Void period (2 weeks)£461.54-
Standard Letting Service 10% + VAT£1,440.00-
Tenancy Agreement Fee£300.00-
Referencing Fee£25.00-
Maintenance allowance 5%£600.00-
Organising maintenance 12%£72.00-
Landlord visits and checks£136.80-
Right to Rent Checks£120.00-
Inventory Preperation£120.00-
Inventory Check In£100.00-
Inventory Check Out£100.00-
Rental income (after costs)£8,524.66£9,600.00
How more will you earn with NoFeeAgency?

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With our agency, you will be free from any type of fee. We will pay your rent on the date you wish every month, without fail.

This is not a regular lettings agency. We are an established and fully recognised national company that provides a totally free professional management service It enables landlords to enjoy a great package of the services which reduce costs, increase income and eliminates occupant-related problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How is it possible to provide free lettings?

The agency is capable to provide a free fully managed lettings service to all the landlords because we charge our professional residents only. The fees are quite modest, and the agency offers various extras and opportunities to the residents.

That's why they are willing to pay extra.

We take care of everything, and our teams manage each of the properties 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We even change light bulbs when they stop working, so the residents have total peace of mind. That's how the agency makes a profit; through fantastic customer service occupants are willing to pay a premium for. The occupant's fees are our source of income.

2Is your service location-based?
Whilst we are based in London, we offer No Fee Lettings throughout England.
3How can I know if this works for me?
If you are property investor and are feeling the pinch from new unnecessary taxes changes and increased fees provided from other letting agents, then this option would be suitable for you definitely.
4What should I expect when working together?
The best thing you can get from the NoFeeAgencyis a guaranteed income on a long term basis. The agency takes care of everything, and you can get the rent directly to your bank account. The entire process is hassle-free. You can live nearby or even a thousand miles far away, it does not matter.
5Really? What is the catch?

There is no catch. Other letting agencies charge millions of poundsof lettings and management fees from landlords every year, the fees are often quite high and reduce the income of property investors. Our agency, however, has found a more suitable source of income, so the landlords are completely free from the fees.

If you have any further questions regarding his matter, please be free to contact us anytime.